Thursday, October 10, 2013

The grass is greener when you're green :)

Someone left an article in our staff room recently with the sad news that the earth is warming faster than we knew..."read it and weep"

It is so darn easy to get down when the world is so messed up!

But becoming overwhelmed and sitting around doing nothing doesn't make us feel any better, and it doesn't fix the problem. If everyone says "there's nothing we can do!" then we are absolutely right.

So green keeners like me find even the smallest things we can do to try and make a difference. And guess what? This is actually good for you!

Here are 10 reasons why green people are happier. Maybe one or 2 of these can help if you are feeling blue about how red hot things are getting :D

Also don't forget that there are sooooo many people around the world and close to home that are working on solutions to a better world, and if young folks like Boyan Slat keeping building on their ideas, there is hope for us yet - so don't give up!! We may get those oceans cleaned up one day!

Check out this site for your break time viewing and see what I mean. Do you think his plan will work?

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