Friday, October 11, 2013

the Britannia Race to Zero Waste

The 2nd Annual Britannia Race to Zero Waste is shaping up to be a whole lot of fun for teams ready to race this year!

The race will begin at 2pm and will take approx one hour to complete. From the first challenge that will get you going, and clues that will take you the rest of the way, teams will get to experience adventure and a nice variety of green intitatives in and around our community. There are many opportunities to collect bonus points along the way and the team with the most points at the end of the race wins!!

Extra bonus points will be given to teams that come out for the race with some funky green attire to show their green team spirit (ie Team Gangreen came out for alst years race with great green capes decorated with the mobius loop!), and more bonus points for the group that shares the best green team cheer at the finish line!

"We're keen, we're green, and we leave the world clean!"

The route has been planned, the clues are ready and the challenges are set to go! Think you have a team of green keeners that can complete this amazing race with you?

Sign up now!!

Teams can be 2-3 adults/youth, or up to 4 people if one or more members are under 13yrs old.
(ie we had a team with 2 kids and 2 adults last year)

Cost per team is $20, and only the team captain needs to register.

Here's how:
Register with your online account at for activity "65612.411BR"

or by phone at 604-718-5800(2)

or in person at Britannia either at the Info Centre or Pool cashier.
(if you would like to make a donation to register under $20, this must be paid in person)

Any questions? Please contact Kathy for more info: or 604-718-5860

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