Monday, March 9, 2009

envision a zero waste community

To provide some food for thought for our first Team Green Brit brainstorming session here are a couple of articles you might want to peruse. Both from Worldchanging (a great resource for thinking about a bright green future)

Community as Technology - looks at defining barriers to sustainable change and finding community-enabling solutions to these problems. If ever there was a place that could find 'community-enabling' people and technologies it is Britannia!!

Designing a Zero Waste city - a peek at all the things San Fransico is doing to attempt having zero footprint by 2020! Good food for thought on how we can minimize waste for our complex :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

springing forward into action

This weekend we set our clocks forward which is always a sure fire sign that spring is upon us...if the budding trees, and blooming croci and daffodils peeking out weren't enough for ya! ;)

So, its time to take some Team Green Brit ideas and put them into action! We're gonna start with a lunch brainstorming meeting on March 11th at 12:30. The locale is yet to be determined, so if you are interested either contact Kathy via email (, or check back on the blog early next week for further details.

Two things up for discussion will be the results of the Britannia recycling survey (one week left to share your feedback if you haven't already folks!) and an open dialogue on ideas for making our Britannia complex the bright green hub to our community that we know it can be! If you have thoughts to contribute but are unable to make this meeting, please email your ideas so they can be included in our brainstorm!

If you need a little dose of positive to give you energy for action this spring, take 5 minutes and watch a brief clip of Blessed Unrest with Paul Hawken "How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being: And Why No one Saw it Coming"