Wednesday, March 7, 2012

stepping up to our green potential

Well its been a while a while since the last Green Team update and the green vision has continued to grow here at Britannia in many ways.

I'm very happy to say that 2 years after the last posting here on the blog, Britannia has given me an amazing opportunity and hired me as the Green Team Coordinator for a few months of focused organizing, planning and implementing awesome ideas from all of you!

For all of us who are 'keen to be green' the obstacles can seem truly immense for our fabulous community complex (and complex community) but there is no shortage of passion or ideas- so we can do it!

My favorite story of perseverance on our site is a tale of one of our members. David has a big heart and aims to save the planet one small act at a time. When he found out our wristbands used for the fitness centre, pool and skating rink were recyclable he started gathering them when he was here and bringing them to our new Beyond the Blue Box Depot every month. Once our pool programmer realized one of our members was doing this work for us, a very simple solution came about -we put out containers in the lobby and fitnesscentre so ALL members can recycle their bands every day. Now the majority of our bands are being kept from the landfill with thanks for one small step taken by one caring person that started it off.

And for inspiration on a small act that could make a big difference for the neighbourhood check out this story about some locals trying to tackle the challenge of chopsticks on the Drive. Remember when you're dining in to ask for the non-diposable chopsticks next time you're enjoying some sushi!

A couple of resources to share for today for all those things you don't know what to do with: MetroVancouver Recycles where you can find places to recycle or donate just about anything; and if you have an app happy phone you can download BC Recyclepedia for handy dandy convenience.

The Green Team left off with some big dreams for a Zero Waste Britannia which I still believe we can achieve. But we have a few steps to go before we make that goal so let the work begin!

I'll be here 1-2 days a week for Green Team work so please email me any thoughts or ideas you may want to share to I'm really excited and looking forward to listening to staff, students and the public on what we do well and what gaps we need to fill - a fun challenge! :)

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