Thursday, April 12, 2012

How many acts of green does it take?

This cheeky image (found on My Zero Waste)reminds me that I want to be the grandparent who says "the earth got pretty messed up for a while, but once people understood what was going on - we worked really hard to change our ways...and thankfully things have improved for your generation!"

For genuine change to happen we can't just be earth lovers on Earth Day. We need to think and act green EVERY day! Fortunately, since it was established in 1970, Earth Day has been instrumental in getting people to care for and raise awareness about all that needs to be done for the environment.

After 40 years of consciousness raising, today mama earth still needs our help. Many of the worst case scenarios that were predicted by the early environmental movement of the 70's have become the nightmare for a new generation to deal with.

The good news is there are an increasing number of changes (big and little!) moving us back towards environmental sustainability.

With Earth Day fast approaching, here are a few things to share with my keen-to-be-green community.

A Billion Acts of Green
The Earth Day Network has begun a Billion Acts of Green campaign asking folks to make a pledge for Earth Day.
You should visit the site just because it's cool...however if you just want to make a pledge here's the quick and easy way:

I added my own option which was to bring my own container and cutlery with me (and chopsticks) so I will never have to use disposable take out stuff again! An act I have thought of many times (and sometimes follow through on) that I am now pledging to make a daily habit. What will your act of green be this year? Share your pledge in the comments section below if you want to help me inspire others!

Earth Day Parade
Everyone loves a parade and on April 22nd the Commercial Drive neighbourhood will be alive with people celebrating in the Earth Day Parade! Organized by the Wilderness Committee, Youth for Climate Justice Now and Transformation Projects, this will be a fun-filled day for the whole family. The parade will begin at 11:00am at the Broadway Skytrain station, and head up the Drive to Grandview Park for a festival full of inspiration and music until 3pm.

Green City Race
The great organizers at Evergreen are challenging Vancouverites to an Amazing Race - Green style! On April 21st teams will be scurrying around town from 11am-2pm looking for clues, exploring green destinations and completing fun challenges to win prizes and bragging rights in this inaugural race. Who's ready to race with me?

Now you have a few options to consider, and you can visit Earth Day Canada site for more events all over the place, helpful resources and even more ideas to Take It Up another notch in your own way! When we all act - it makes a difference! :)

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