Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Team Green Brit is really about making the Earth Day mentality a reality every day here in our community complex, so I thought I'd post this cheeky cartoon instead of a beautiful earth image...keep our perspective focused on the end goal of zero waste one day, hehe ;)

The recycling survey showed that 92.9% of the staff who completed it consider themselves to be “green at heart” who are actively looking for ways to decrease their eco-footprint, the other 7.1% are “wanna be green” and would like to do more to decrease their footprint but don’t know how.

Given the majority of staff would like to decrease our individual and collective footprints, the Team decided to start by making recycle kits for everyone to have at their desk to make recycling easy for all.

The entire complex will take a while to transform one step at a time, so the first step will be examining how much paper waste we create within the Info Centre and how much we can streamline this amount. A monthly tip sheet will also keep the staff of Britannia informed on ways we can contribute to goals of reducing our overall impact.

Further ideas around potential incentive style programs or competitions between all the silos in our complex may be pursued to increase participation in the greening of Brit, as well as continued work towards defining a comprehensive recycling program for all waste within the complex (ultimate end goal!)

Please keep all your fresh ideas coming, along with feedback on some things that could be done differently to improve recycling throughout the complex.

The team will meet again in May (details to come) and we're hopin to bring more folks to the table...calling all keeners in childcare, schools, pool, rink and library - c'mon out and help us green this place up! :)

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